Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mexican Night

We were planning on company for dinner last night, so I was ready for a nice big Mexican dinner. Chicken enchiladas, cilantro lime rice, and a black bean "salad". Yum!

As it turned out, we had our lines crossed and no one was coming over. I decided to go ahead with my menu and just cut the portions in half. No company is no reason to go back on a great idea.

I love me some good cilantro lime rice, and I love the Pioneer Woman's recipe (though most recipes are very similar). The only difference with mine is that I saute some diced onion with the rice and oil before adding the chicken broth and lime. I found that an entire lime was a little much for 1/2 cup of rice, and next time will just do 1/2 of a lime.

The black bean salad was pretty good, though I was hoping for something amazing with the 13,000 pins on Pinterest this recipe had. Since I was making the rice separate, I had left it out, and got lazy on the cheese, so maybe that messed it up. But my toddler, Jeffrey, loves black beans and gobbled those up.

The highlight of the evening was the enchiladas. Oh my yum! In the past, I've usually done chicken, cheese, and cream of chicken soup mixed and wrapped in tortillas, with no sauce. But I thought I'd check Pinterest and see what other people were making. This recipe had over 45,000 pins, so how could I turn that down?

Let me just say, never making my old recipe again.

Chicken and cheese mix

I prefer these whole wheat tortillas. They taste pretty much the same and I feel like I'm being healthy. :)

I prefer bigger enchiladas and so had 4 instead of the 5 the recipe called for.

My little taste tester lending me a hand.

Fresh from the oven!

There was maybe too much sauce which made the enchiladas a little soggy, and I forgot the green chilies. Oops.

It didn't matter. It was all amazing and Jeffrey ate every piece of cheesy chicken we gave him. I will definitely make that one again!

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