Monday, February 8, 2016

January 2016 Blog Report

If you actually came to visit this page, you are either very kind or perhaps looking for a laugh. Or maybe you just didn't actually believe that someone would post a blog report with such pathetic numbers.

I'm really writing this for me. I'm hoping that starting a habit of writing blog reports will help to motivate me and give me measurable goals and progress.

I started my blog three months ago, so honestly, I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I've already learned a ton about what kinds of things bring visitors besides perfect pictures and headlines. You have to get your name out there, and have content that people are interested in. Still, some of my most popular posts have surprised me.

My original goal for January was to get 2,000 page views, but sickness in the house caused a speed bump and I basically took an unscheduled week off. I'm sure this is why I didn't hit my goal.

My favorite social media sites are Pinterest and Bloglovin', so that's all I'm showing in this report.

Google Analytics

Obviously, Google is the best place to check my pageviews. You can see clearly the spike on January 15, which is oddly from my third most popular post: Home Reorganization Stage 1.1. But that's one that I posted on my personal Facebook page, so I'm sure I just had lots of friends check that day.

Overall, I'm happy with the fact that views have remained fairly steady despite the fact that I didn't link to nearly as many parties this month.

Pinterest Analytics

Followers: 25

25 followers might be kind of sad, but I think it's a good start. I'm actually more thrilled by those few Likes and Repins on my Sticky Toffee Pudding and Link Party Tracking Sheet.


Followers: 4

So if 25 Pinterest followers is sad, I don't know what 4 Bloglovin' followers is. But again, as I'm just starting out, it seems like a lot to me.

Top Posts for January

  • Link Party Tracking Sheet - 550 Page views
    • I was very proud of this one. I had been planning it for weeks before finally posting it, and still hope it's being passed around among bloggers to be used. I got three features on link parties which really boosted my view count.
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding - 350 Page views
    • This one still surprises me. It was a last minute post based on a recipe I'd been meaning to try, but with a couple party features, apparently people have liked it!
  • Home Reorganization Stage 1.1 - 200 Page views
    • This is another surprise, and I think it's on the list because it's new. But as I hope to make it a series, perhaps it will continue to be popular
Total posts in January: 5

Goals for February

I'm struggling with this part a little, because while I want to push myself, I'm still learning what I'm actually capable of. I don't want to set a bunch of goals and not make any of them.

I'm also learning that I have two types of posts that I write: those that are just fun and those that have some substance. I like to think of the former as "fluff." They're easy, and sometimes get me some views, like my recipes, but mostly they're filler. Because what my blog is really about is helping people learn Excel and providing specific spreadsheets for them to use. But my spreadsheet and tutorial posts take a lot more work. That's a good thing, since they're the substance of my blog, but that just means they take time and effort.

So with that, here is what I want to accomplish in February:
  1. Publish at least 3 fun and 2 Excel posts.
  2. Be better at visiting new blogs and commenting on their posts.
  3. Increase traffic to 2,500 views.
Eventually I'd really like to work on creating custom spreadsheets upon request and perhaps host Excel trainings, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. If anyone reading this has interest in that at all, please let me know so I can get working on it sooner rather than later.


Basically, I have a lot of work to do. I knew when I started my blog that if I actually wanted to turn it into a business and make money, it would take a lot of time. I'm still learning the best ways to apply that time, but think and hope that I'm off to a good start.

Here goes nothing for February!

These are my current favorite link parties:


  1. I think you are off to a great start! I have only been blogging since September (at Stay at Home yogi) myself and am totally jealous of your 4 bloglovin' followers! I only have 3! ;)
    In all seriousness, I was shocked to find out how much WORK is actually involved in blogging! Stick with it, you're doing great!
    I look forward to following your progress! - Erin

    1. Hi, Erin. Yes, blogging is definitely work, but with 3 followers, I think you're doing just as well as I am. Keep it up and we'll both have thousands before we know it! :)

  2. Hi Megan - I'm in the same boat having just started my blog in December. I think you're doing great and your numbers will just continue to grow! Found your post on #FaithFilledParenting Link up

    1. Thanks, Nicole. It takes lots of work, but is so satisfying to see the numbers grow. Good luck with your blog!

  3. Keeping yourself accountable and setting goals is always good. The numbers do not matter. Steady growth is the most important!

    1. Thanks, tialea. I agree, it's most important to see growth, no matter how small. A blogger with hundreds of thousands of views told me that the milestones may get bigger, but they are always exciting!

  4. Everyone has to begin somewhere and this is really an amazing start. Keep at it and you'll continue to see growth.

    Thanks for sharing at the Celebrate Your Story Link Up Party!

  5. You are doing great! Welcome to the world of blogging! Keep it up, it is slow and steady and don't compare yourself to others. We each have our own path. I didn't really focus on making any income for the first few years of blogging, and now I do earn some from adsense, some from Amazon referrals and occasional sponsored posts. Even at over 25,000 page views a month, sometimes my numbers aren't enough to earn the sponsored opportunities. It will come! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing at Celebrate Your Story! I enjoyed reading your story. I hope you will join us again this week. The party opens at 8:00 PM on Saturday!

  6. Don't worry about your January numbers. Good beginning to your blog. Linking up with your posts caught my attention. I will be back again.

  7. You've made a great start after only three months. I think it is great that you are publishing your report and your goals at the beginning of your journey. I also find it difficult to set goals, but I am realising that it is better to have them even if we don't reach them. Thanks for sharing with the Blog Fair.