We've created exciting challenges that will get players in contact with the ball.  More importantly, the challenges are a fun way to advance your technical ability which will have direct impact on players' game-related skills. Can you complete them all? 

New challenges posted Sundays and Wednesdays.

Challenge #4

ESA coaches new challenge is to juggle and without stopping: Sit down and stand back up!  This one has an added challenge thanks to Savannah from the 05 Girls.  Catch the ball clean and let it rest on your foot. 


– Have fun with both of these challenges.

– Work on one at a time. 

– Can you do them both without stopping like Savannah did?

Challenge #3

ESA coaches challenge is for you to complete 20 consecutive juggles with your head only.  Keep the ball up with control and juggle it for twenty times.  Pretty simple, right? 


– Work hard to concentrate. 

– Don't get frustrated; stick with it.

– Added Challenge: Can you lift it with you feet, build to your head and then get to 20?

What is your highest number with just your head?

Challenge #2

ESA coaches challenge this Wednesday is for you to complete the Christmas Tree.  Can you juggle the ball all the way around? 


– You must hit all seven points in a row.  

– You must be able to continue your juggling.

– Added Challenge: Can you continue it and go back to the beginning without dropping the ball?

Challenge #1

ESA coaches challenge you to begin your juggling by lifting the ball with your feet ten different ways.  Be creative, look through youtube channels, practice hard, and master 10 variations. 


– You must be able to juggle the ball after you lift it.  

– Use both feet.

– Be creative.

Challenge #5

You asked for more challenges, here is Annika Miyazato from the 05 Girls to challenge you to bend your passes.  This can be useful for keeping passes away from defenders and still getting to your teammates.


– Use any obstacle you want.

– Try it with both feet.

– Can you bend it with the outside of your foot the other way?

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