These videos may be interviews, game breakdowns, special plays, or highlights that Excel staff coaches compile weekly for the enjoyment and learning of players and families.


Coach Barb Chura:

This is a strong message from star women's national team player Carli Lloyd on training on her own when she's away from her team. It's a really good message that she is sending.

Coach Stryker Aguilar:

I watch videos on Thiago a lot. I feel that at Excel we have a lot of players that could relate to him. This is the most recent of his highlight videos. Minute 2:15 is a fantastic goal.

Coach Max Pasillas:

I like this video because it shows how one club and its players can have a positive impact in a community.  In addition “How Football is more than a game...”

Coach Manuel De La Rosa:

Isco - I’m my opinion one of the most underrated midfielders.  Really well balanced player physically.  He’s very creative technically and tactically.  When you watch him you can almost see the wheels turning in his head, and he thinks quickly.  Can work his way out the smallest of spaces.  Not just a provider but can also scores goals.  

Coach Jose Fernandez:

I chose this video because it properly demonstrates how to control, dribble, head and pass the ball.

Coach Corbett Hess:

This video just cracks me up.  I like how they get along.

Coach Rod Chisley:

The beginning sums up why this is one of my favorite videos.  Ronaldinho is one of my favorite soccer players of all time.   He was a true master of the ball.   It seemed like he had mind control over the ball or defender of how he could make it or them do what he wanted them to do at the right time.  A True Master!!

Coach Lino Corro:

Rondos help the player to improve different aspects of soccer but my favorite is the one touch passing ‘Piggy in the Middle’ but that can be changed depending on the parameters. 

Coach Barb Chura:

I really like this video because it covers everything. Core work, footwork, agility, ball work and all you need is yourself and the soccer ball and a few cones (substitute cones with water jugs or plastic water bottles, even towels).  It’s also only 15 minutes long.

Coach Greg Montelongo:

Roberto Carlos.  Walks up to his teammate with confidence and takes over for a shot!!  The shot speaks for itself!! 


One of my all time favorite goals!

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