Every week Director of Coaching Stryker Aguilar will bring to you a new move to focus on. These moves take weeks, months, and years to perfect and sometimes real courage to attempt them in games.  Start slow and practice everyday, increase your speed and work hard.  Clean execution at game speed with full intensity is your goal.

Move of the Week – Video 3

This week you can work on a move made famous by Cristiano Ronaldo. Not easy at first, but you can get your opponent committed one way while you quickly change your direction and accelerate away.


– Work on it slowly at first

– Gain speed as you gain confidence

– Explode into space away from your defender at the end

Move of the Week – Video 2

This week's Move of the Week is the Anelka.  This is a great move that requires much practice.  Get comfortable in slow motion and add speed as you go.  


– Take your time

– It won't come easy.  But it will be worth it

Move of the Week – Video 1

Here is the first Move of the Week.  Work hard to gain comfort using this move. Imagine doing it to a defender and accelerating to another space. 


– Master this move.

– Sell the pass.

– Master this with your weak foot too!

– Increase your speed of execution

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